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crazy-mofo21: "Are u doin part 2 of his parents don't like you and you get caught hooking up?"

yep! it’ll be eventually, keep an eye out for it :-) 

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i was thinking about getting some writing done today actually! so it might be up later tonight or tomorrow, i don’t know yet :) 

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justsimingful: "your blog gives me feels and omfg i love you"

this literally made me smile so big

thank you so much, beautiful, it means a lot! i love you too :-) 

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Anonymous: "ur hella rad"

and you’re hella fab

thanks babe, it means a lot to me haha x

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so i’ve told you guys about doing something fun if i reached my next goal right? 

well, i’ve reached it now! for those of you who want to know, my goal was to get 3k followers and i now have three thousand of you beautiful people following my lame blog. 

basically i want to do some sort of ship thingy, i just haven’t decided how i want it to be yet but we’ll see what happens. it’ll probably be up by the end of the week. i really want to post part 2 of my last pref before i do ships. sound cool? :-) 

if no one participates in my shipping, this post never happened 

wakingupcristina: "You're my new favourtie blog! Your writing is perfection! okay that is all, sorry I'm awkward. :P xox"

you are not awkward, you’re so sweet! thank you so much beautiful it means a lot to me! :-) x

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Anonymous: "ur so fab"

it’s 6:17am here right now and this literally made my morning! you’re fab too, anon x

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Anonymous: "are you making part 2 of when his parents don't like you and you get caught hooking up?"

yes, i am! i’m not sure when it will be up though, but pretty soon :-) 

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Anonymous: "do u have a masterlist??"

yes, i do! :-)

here you go

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Preference #30: His parents don’t like you and you get caught while hooking up

Ashton:  ”I just don’t understand why she doesn’t like you,” Ashton whispers while placing small, light kisses on your neck. You shrug, stretching your neck to give him more access. It doesn’t take long for your boyfriend to take the hint, running his hands underneath your hoodie. You let out an impatient sound and you can feel Ashton smirking against your neck, grabbing a hold of the hem of your sweater. You praise him with a hickey on his collarbone once he finally gets the now all-too-hot clothing fabric off of you. You’re too busy running your nails up and down Ashton’s back to hear the footsteps outside the door. Ashton doesn’t seem to have noticed either because when the door bursts open, he freezes immediately and whips his head toward the door to inspect the intruder. His whole body tenses when he realizes it’s his mom and he immediately rolls off of, handing you your sweatshirt from the floor. His mom turns her burning gaze to you and you curl up, not liking the negative attention. “I don’t want the two of you being together like this in my house,” she says firmly, clearly wanting to get her message across. “Ashton, I want her out of my house right now. And I want you to stop seeing her.”  ”Wait- What? Why? You can’t do that!” Anne raises her eyebrows at her son and you place a shaking hand on Ashton’s forearm. “Because she’s no good for you. And you do as I say. This is my house, Ashton Fletcher, and you better listen to me. I want her out and you either break up with her or go with.” Ashton stands from the bed and you watch nervously, already fumbling with getting your hoodie back on. You suddenly feel very exposed. Still not saying a word, Ashton marches over to his closet and pulls out a bag. He’s practically shaking with anger as he starts throwing clothes into the bag. His mom makes a surprised sound and you swear it almost sounds like a choked gasp. “Ash,” you whisper, standing up from the bed and walking over to him. He doesn’t look up or stop his actions until you place a hand on his back. “Babe, please don’t. Your mom loves you. So does Harry and Lauren. You can’t leave them. You can’t leave them for me. I can’t let you do that.” Your boyfriend turns around, his expression unreadable but you can tell by his furrowed brows that he’s in a dilemma. “She obviously doesn’t love me if she tells me to choose between the girl I love and my family,” Ashton grits out between his teeth, obviously not caring that his mom is still in the room. “Ash, please? It’s okay. I’ll be okay. Just… Let’s take a break, okay?” You stand on your toes, placing a kiss on your boyfriend’s cheek. Biting your lip to keep the hot tears in check, you quietly make your way past Anne and out of your boyfriend’s room, not looking back. Not even when you hear Ashton’s broken sob.

Calum:  You hum in content, tracing a random pattern on Calum’s bare chest with your index finger. Calum chuckles, kissing your temple. The two of you are still coming down from your highs, relishing the feeling of being this close to each other. You don’t even want to think about the fact that his parents will be back home soon and how you’ll have to go home before they do. Calum reaches across you to grab a hold of his phone, his calloused fingers ticking your exposed skin. “Shit!” Calum exclaims, jolting up from the bed. You watch in confusion as he pulls on a pair of clean boxers before rushing around the room to collect your clothes.  ”Mom texted me ten minutes ago. They’ll be home any minute. I hate doing this, babe, but you need to get dressed!”  You nod frantically, scrambling from the bed to take the clothes from him. You’ve managed to slip on your bra and your denim shorts when a car pulls up into the driveway. Calum mutters curses to himself, pulling on a pair of sweatpants. “C’mon. I’ll distract them and you can sneak out the backdoor.” You follow numbly after your boyfriend, letting him lead the way by pulling your arm. The two of you freeze in the middle of your little operation, however, when you notice Calum’s parents at the bottom of the stairs. The two of them look from you, to their eighteen-year-old son and back to you. It’s obvious that they’re piecing two and two together with Calum being shirtless and you wearing an unbuttoned blouse. You cower behind your boyfriend, fumbling with the buttons. “How many times do I have to say that I don’t want that girl in my house?”  “Dad, that girl is my girlfriend. And how many times have I told you her name? You should remember it by now.” You catch yourself from letting out a sigh of relief after finishing with the buttons on your blouse. Throwing a quick look to your boyfriend’s parents, you clear your throat and step away from Calum. “Mr. and Mrs. Hood, I’m so sorry. I know you don’t want me dating your son but I can’t help the way I feel about him. I’ll respect your wishes though and from now on, you’ll never have to see me here again.” Calum makes a loud, protesting sound as you head for the front door. He grabs your wrist, pulling you back into his chest. You inwardly curse him, not knowing if you can keep the tears in. “No, not happening. Mom” Calum starts, looks between his parents. “Dad, Y/N is my girlfriend. I love her. If you two can’t accept that then I think it’s time for me to get my own apartment. Maybe that’s something I should have done a longtime ago.”

Luke:  “Fuck,” Luke exclaims, throwing himself down next to you. You hum in agreement, knowing exactly what he means. You’re still struggling to catch your breath, mentally preparing yourself to get out of bed to get dressed. You know Andrew will be home soon and it’s practically an unwritten rule that you need to be out of the house when he does. Glancing over to the clock, you sigh in defeat and throw the welcoming covers off of your naked body. Luke doesn’t make an effort to see what you’re up to - he knows the drill. He made the drill. And no matter how much it hurts you, you’ll never tell him because this is your only chance to be this close to him. This is your only chance to be with Luke like this. Buttoning your jeans and slipping on your Blink-182 shirt, you throw one last look at Luke who’s now busy with his phone.  “Luke, I’m going now,” you inform, secretly praying that he’ll actually pay attention. He grunts, muttering about texting you later but you know he won’t do it. It’s the same thing every time. Sighing once again, you exit the room and quietly make your way downstairs. You look around the living room, wondering how long it will be until you see it again. If it was up to you, you’d see it again tomorrow morning. If it was up to you, you’d actually like to stay. You throw the front door open only to crash into someone’s chest. Looking up, you choke down a gasp when you realize it’s Luke’s dad.  “Mr. Hemmings, hi,” you croak, clearing your throat. Andrew cocks his eyebrows, looking at you in surprise.  “Y/N,” he states firmly. “I’m surprised to see you here.”  You shrug, refusing to meet his scrutinizing stare. He clears his throat, obviously waiting for some kind of retort from you.  “Yeah. I-I… I needed some help to study for a math test and the teacher suggested that Luke could help me,” you lie, catching yourself from nodding when you realize that your lie is actually believable. Luke’s dad nods curtly.  “Well, I’m glad Luke could help you, Y/N, but maybe you should ask your teacher for another tutor? I don’t think Luke wants to… tutor someone like you,” Andrew looks you up and down, finishing with a pointed look as if to prove his point. You bite your lip, trying to ignore the stinging of salty tears. “Now if you excuse me, I’d appreciate it if you could leave now. Tell your dad I said hi.”

Michael:  ”Mikey, we need to talk,” you state cautiously, looking over at your best friend. He makes a sound of acknowledgement, still too caught up in a game of Call of Duty. Letting out a groan, you lean over to punch Michael in the shoulder. He curses loudly and finally glances over to you, which you praise with a sarcastic smile. “What?” You open your mouth to answer your growingly annoyed best friend, but it only takes you a brief second to change your mind. You have been preparing this speech the whole morning and now when you have your chance, you have absolutely no idea what to say. “Michael, I…” you start quietly, contemplating each word carefully. “You know how we hooked-up last week, after Cal’s party? I know you told me to forget about it, but I just… I can’t. That meant something to me, Michael. I-” Your pathetic excuse of a speech gets cut short when Karen bursts into the room. You can tell by her bewildered eyes that she overheard you. You’re about to greet her but once again she beats you to it. “The two of you hooked-up? In my house?” Karen looks pointedly at her son. It’s not a secret that Michael’s mom blames you for her son’s tattoos and the constant hair dyeing. She’s never been to fond of you and you can’t help but notice the looks she gives you every time you come over. It hurts but you’re willing to ignore it to spend time with your best friend. Karen used to adore you when you were younger. She’d let you help make dinner and she would fix your hair whenever you asked her to. Then you moved away at the age of fourteen, still keeping in touch with Michael. Your parents moved back two years later and you and Michael have practically been inseparable ever since. Karen - on the other hand - didn’t warm up to you again after you moved back and it hurts you more than you like to admit. “Michael, you know how I feel about Y/N. I can tolerate her being in my house and I can tolerate the two of you being friends, but I cannot tolerate the fact that the two of you have slept together! I thought you had better taste when it comes to girls, Mikey.”  You bite your quivering lip to keep yourself from crying, waiting for Michael to stand up for you. You throw a quick glance toward him when he stays silent. Furrowing your eyebrows, you wait for a speech that never comes. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Clifford. I’m sorry for being in love with your son and I’m sorry I can’t be a girl that you would like your son to date,” you state, but the sudden boost of confidence quickly wavers. “I-I need to go now. B-Bye, Mikey.” 

A/N: idk, part 2??